Stock Options Data

Stock Swing Trading Charts

Our swing trading charts are based on the swing identification techniques made popular by William Dunnigan in his book One-Way Formula for Trading in Stocks and Commodities.

Unlike bar charts, these swing trading charts only show the pivot points of significant highs and lows. The high points are in green and lows in red. You can click on the points to see a display of the date it occurred, the value and rate per day of movement to that level. Up trends are identified by higher swing highs and higher swing lows. Down trends are just the reverse.

Also in this section you will find the following charts types. Click on these charts to see values.

Option and Stock Volatility Information

Here you will find the extremes reports listed below. This data can give you an indication of which options you should consider watching and trading. Options usually go to these extreme level for some significant reason that should be investigated to give you ideas of how to take advantage of the news. This data is only available to subscribers and is invaluable to option trading.

  • Implied and Historical Volatility Extremes Reports
  • Put/Call Ratio Extremes Reports
  • Put and Call Volume Extremes Reports

Stock Splits - Mergers and Acquisitions

In this section you will find information on pending and past stock splits, mergers and acquisitions, and distributions. These are all events that can impact both trade selection and management. This data is made available by many different exchanges, but we have collected it in one location for your convenience.

Daily Volatility Reports

Each day we identify stocks that have moved into an area of either extremely high or low implied volatility. We have history going back to January 2003 so that you can study past occurences and evaluate the stock movement after these events. The data is provided free to all vistors of the site.

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